River Wolton

River offers meditation groups, retreats, and mentoring. She also facilitates workshops and mentoring for writers.

She trained as a social worker, psychotherapist and carpenter; since 1998 she has taught creative writing in therapeutic, community and educational settings. She is a former Derbyshire Poet Laureate, has worked extensively with community arts projects, and published poetry, short stories and non-fiction.

A deepening interest in the connections between psychology, embodiment, creativity, activism and spiritual practice led her to an insight meditation retreat in 2000. Since then she has been a regular retreatant at Gaia House, Devon inspired by Insight Meditation teachings in the Buddhist tradition, as well as radical thinkers who seek to address the social and ecological crises of our times.

She is co-founder of Sheffield Insight Meditation, a Community Dharma Leader authorised by Gaia House Teacher Council, and a student on the Bodhi College Teacher Training Programme. She is a mentor with iBme UK, offering mindfulness courses and retreats for young people. A long-time peace, feminist and community activist, she’s a founder member of lesbian accapella group Deep C Divas, co-founded Out Aloud Sheffield’s LGBT Choir, and has volunteered in the refugee sector since 2003, including community support for LGBTQI+ refugees.